Dialogue Tips

“Dialogue is when persons of different viewpoints come together and interact. Their ‘coming together’ could be in the form of conversation, sharing a meal, sharing in an experience such as creating art or participating in a religious observance or some other form of engagement.”

(Interactive Faith by Bud Heckman and RP Neiss)

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Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is an approach that looks for what’s valuable rather than what’s wrong.

The development and process of Appreciative Inquiry is largely credited to Case Western Reserve University’s Department of Organizational Behavior.

Contrasting to ‘deficiency’ approaches (looking for problems instead of gifts), Appreciative Inquiry revolutionized organizational development and set the stage for the ‘strengths based’ movement in American management.

Appreciative Inquiry principles and methods have been applied in many settings, including interfaith and intercultural dialogue.

This interview was designed by The Human Agenda — working with the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council — as a tool for building a culture of interfaith welcome and appreciation. In it, a group of individuals converses in dyads with this introduction.

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